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Challenging esthetics

Dr. Harold van der Burgh and Oral Design Center Holland

Case summary

38-year old female came to the clinic having lost tooth 22 (#10) due to an accident 3 years ago. No major bone resorption was seen in the area. A flipper was used as a temporary solution and the patient was referred to the clinic for implant treatment. After a thorough examination, an OsseoSpeed implant (ASTRA TECH Implant System) in combination with an ATLANTIS Abutment in zirconia was selected in order to achieve an excellent esthetic result.


Case documentation


quad_85009-Harold van der Burg-DDr. Harold van der Burg, DDS, Kliniek voor Tandheelkunde en Implantologie, Hilversum, The Netherlands

Oral Design Center Holland, Laboratory, Blaricum, The Netherlands


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