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Digital workflow using SIMPLANT with ASTRA TECH Implant System EV

Immediate Smile concept

Christian Mertens, Germany


Planning for dental implants starting from the desired crown position (backward planning) has been an intrinsic part of implant therapy for years and is implemented successfully by many treatment teams.

This case presents a treatment protocol in which the advantages of backward planning were realized using SIMPLANT computer-guided treatment planning with the new ASTRA TECH Implant System EV. By eliminating analog working steps and moving to exclusively digital planning and production of all prosthetic components, new and greatly simplified technical solutions can be developed prior to the actual implant placement.

PD Dr. Christian Mertens, DDS Heidelberg, Germany

PD Dr. Christian
Mertens, DDS
Heidelberg, Germany

Case summary

Patient: A 50-year old male patient missing tooth 26 asked for an implant-supported crown.

Challenge: The patient wished to combine implant placement and insertion of a provisional crown in only one treatment session.

Treatment: Using a CBCT scan of the clinical situation imported into the SIMPLANT software, a customized ATLANTIS Abutment as well as a provisional crown and a surgical guide were fabricated before surgery. On the day of implant placement, the abutment and provisional crown were incorporated, following the Immediate Smile concept.

DImag3_thumbnailRead the complete case report in DENTSPLY Implants magazine #3.




Case documentation

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