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Combining great clinical care with the best of science

Clark Stanford about the World Summit Tour 2017

“You’ll meet world class speakers and highly respected speakers from the local community being at the same platform and discussing the best in terms of science and patient care.”

Clark M. Stanford, member of the scientific committee for the World Summit Tour 2017, promises all participants a first-rate program during this scientific congress on implant dentistry.


With four meetings around the world―Tokyo, San Diego, Nice and Shanghai―the World Summit Tour will demonstrate global trends as well as address specific topics and issues relevant to each market.

Clark Stanford looks forward to the World Summit Tour 2017 and his "home match" in San Diego. Click to watch the movie.

Clark Stanford looks forward to the World Summit Tour 2017 and his “home match” in San Diego. Click to watch the movie.

The International Scientific Committee is an international group of experts who have helped craft the scientific program at the World Summit Tour. Clark M. Stanford, Dean at the University of Illinois in Chicago and an accomplished researcher, is one of the members of the committee and he is clear about the importance of the combination of lectures from world-leading speakers, hands-on workshops, networking and clinical evidence presentations that characterizes the World Summit Tour. These insights have been guiding principles when developing the scientific program.

“What is most important when designing a scientific program is the fact that when people are taking time of their daily lives and out of their practices to come, you want to make sure that what they are experiencing is the best in terms of science,” Stanford says.

He continues: “It is the combination of great clinical care and the best of science which actually brings the best value add and return on the investment for their time and energy to come to the world summit.” Stanford will of course be an important participant at the tour stop in San Diego, May 12-13, 2017. He is thrilled about the congress and to see the latest and the best science in the field of implant dentistry. “The 2017 meeting in San Diego is kind of unique in a way because what we are going to do is bring together the best of science and the best of clinical care that is occurring here in North America.”

Find out more about World Summit Tour, the scientific program and all the activities here.

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